Dryer Vent Cleaning & Replacement

The National Fire Protection Agency cited there being 15,050 clothes dryers that caught fire in the U.S. in 2014 alone. The leading cause being improper cleaning.

What is dryer vent cleaning?

A clothes dryer has multiple systems in place to keep lint and debris from accumulating inside of the machine. There’s the obvious tray that slides out of the top of bottom of the dryer which you’re advised to clean after every load. Then there’s the large silver vent coming out of the back of the machine that looks like a large silver noodle. The vent leading out from your dryer pulls the heat and moisture out of the machine, but can also get filled with pieces of lint, gum wrappers, and other flammable materials not caught by the tray. Vents Plus takes apart the vent system on the back of your dryer and cleans all of the buildup out from the machine.


before dryer vent cleaning


after dryer vent cleaning

Why do I need to have my dryer vent cleaned?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration 2.9k home clothes dryers catch fire each year on average. The nearly three thousand fires cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and property loss damages totaling $35 million. Improper care and cleaning accounts for the majority of these fires. Coming in at 46% of the cause of home clothes dryer fires annually under what is labeled as “operational deficiency”.  72% of these operational deficiency cases were due to improper cleaning. Dust, fiber, lint, and the clothing in the dryer are the first to catch fire in 58% of these fires. The National Fire Protection Agency cited there being 15,050 clothes dryers that caught fire in the U.S. in 2014 alone. During just that year alone there were 440 injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage from dryer fires. There are some large discrepancies between the two reporting administrations, but the data still shows that the direct cause of these fires is the same; improper maintenance.

Cleaning your dryer vent saves more than just your clothes, it also can prevent the total loss of your home.Aside from reducing the risk of a very unwanted and expensive fire, dryer vent cleaning helps maximize the clothes dryer’s over efficiency. Without any debris clogging the machine, it is able to function at a higher capacity and lasts longer. Dryers, with proper care, will last typically about 10-15 years. The average lifespan of a gas dryer is 13 years, while an electric is 14.

How often should my dryer vent be cleaned?

The exhaust vents on dryers should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year. In high volume households or where there are animals the number should be higher. Some experts recommend cleaning and inspection three times a year for households that run higher volumes of laundry.

How do I know my dryer vent is dirty?

The easiest way to tell without pulling out the dryer and grabbing a flashlight is performance. If the clothing is taking longer to dry than it has in the past or is coming out of the dryer still damp, something is going wrong. Our experts at Vents Plus will come to your house and inspect the outside vent opening, check for fire safety code compliance, and clean the inside of the clothes dryer.

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